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death by osmosis tape cover
Death By Osmosis
A solo project created by me to develop ideas, usually on an Amiga 600, using Octamed Tracker software. Some of which were taken further, either reworked into songs for use in the band FUNZiG, or developed into fully fledged songs on their own.
funzig logo FUNZiG
Bendy Pronk, formed by Woody, Lee and Kieran in the summer of '92. Acompanied by an assortment of drummers and special guest musicians. Influenced by bands such as Cardiacs, Mr Bungle & Zappa, thus creating a unique sound. Currently experiencing a hiatus.
THC at witton park (page not ready yet) THC
1986, Blackburn College, 4 students (Kieran, Alan, Woody & Shaun)form a band, play local venues, lose and gain a drummer, stay together for a couple of years, ultimately split up, 2 members (Woody & Kieran)go on to create FUNZiG, and are later joined by Jon from THC.
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